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Thinsulates 3M™ offers solutions for sound absorption within vehicles, as occupants increasingly demand a lower level of noise in the passenger compartment.
Traditional insulating materials can be bulky and often add excessive weight to the vehicle, making them expensive to manufacture and reducing fuel efficiency.
More performance
Thinsulate™ Acoustic Insulation material overcomes obstacles such as weight or volume and provides engineers with a more effective and lighter sound absorption solution than traditional materials.
Less weight
Thanks to its higher acoustic performance per unit weight, less Thinsulate™ is needed to achieve the same level of noise reduction compared to traditional materials. Being a higher performance and more efficient material, Thinsulate™ can be used in more precise and adapted applications, which means it can be more cost-effective.
Trunk and under engine shield
Interior and lining panels
Interior ceilings or Convertible roof
Back seat
Luggage compartment

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