EMSD Products

Electronic Materials Solutions Division
Thermal Conductive Interface Tapes• Ultra-thin (0.05-1.0 mm).
• Adhesive without silicones.
• Adhesive versions 1 side/2 sided.
• Resistance to high temperatures.
• Replacement of mechanical means such as screws, pastes or staples.
• Adhesion to a wide range of materials.
• Impact resistance.
• Non-flammable versions.
• Heat sinks.
• LED assembly.
• Electric car batteries.
• Electronic devices.
• Medical equipment.
Thermal Conductive Interface Pads• High thermal conductivity.
• Soft and flexible.
• Various thicknesses (0.5-10mm*).
• Adaptable to surfaces.
• Vibration damping and space reduction.
• Fire resistant (UL certification).
• Resistant to environmental conditions.
• Wide range of operating temperatures.
• Versions with liner.
• Ultra-soft versions.
• Heat sinks.
• LED assembly.
• EHV batteries.
Bumpons3M™ protection products Bumpon™ reduce noise, vibration and put an end to scratches. They damp, provide space, stability and slip resistance. All with pre-applied pressure-sensitive adhesives, eliminating the need for screws, rivets, or application equipment.
Choose from standard molded shapes including elastic pads, legs, buttons, straps, bumpers, or spacers.
• Shock protection.
• Automotive components.
• Anti-slip.
EMI/EMC• Protection from electromagnetic frequencies.
• Elimination of intercom sounds.
• Elimination of static.
• Elimination of interference through blocking or absorption.
• Management of a wide range of frequencies.
• Materials with flow direction.
• Variety of applications.
• Conductivities on X, Y, Z axes.
Portable Devices
 Data Processors
 Assembly for touch screens
 Bonding EMI gaskets with shielding
 Printed circuits
 Tablets
 LED screens
 Cellular antennas
 Long distance radio antennas
 Readers
 Automotive Displays
 Bluetooth System
 LED Lamps
 Keyboards
 Telecommunications modems
 Aluminum caps covering PBC
 Sensors
 X-rays

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