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VHB TapesDouble-sided high-strength acrylic foam tapes, their characteristics allow you to quickly and easily create a long-lasting bond that strengthens over time. Its objective is to aesthetically improve the presentation and practicality in automotive parts.Its application is to bond two substrates, replacing rivets, screws, and welds.
Dual Lock3M™ closures are the easy alternative to traditional fixing methods such as screws, nuts, or bolts.Its main application is to bond two substrates, allowing them to repeatedly have openings and closures
Double Coated TapesDouble-sided tapes, developed for good adhesion in high and low surface energy materials, providing excellent initial adhesion supporting your designs. 3M™ double-coated tapes are designed with adhesive on both sides of the paper, film, or fabric. This increases the dimensional stability of the adhesive for easy handling and application.
Some of its applications are: Joining flexible printed circuit boards (FPC) to aluminum reinforcements or heat sinks and gluing of plastic moldings.
Scotch-WeldAdhesives designed for strength, design innovation and multi-material assembly. Offers stronger bonds: eliminates voltage spikes. - Resists many chemicals, water, moisture, and corrosion
Provides strong, permanent bonding with high shear resistance and good peeling even under vibration and impact, along with good flexibility.
It offers solutions such as: Bonding of plastics to metals, as in the manufacture or repair of appliances
- Bonding of impact-resistant composite materials
- Metalworking, such as in HVAC, appliances, and specialty vehicles.
Spray Adhesives and CleanersThe range of industrial-grade spray adhesives is designed to make assembly fast, comfortable, and efficient.A High strength, quick drying and easy to dispense spray adhesive that adheres to wood, MDF, laminates, polyethylene, polypropylene, SBR rubber, etc.
Hot Melt AdhesivesHot melt adhesives. Superior adhesion. Top speed. Improve productivity and aesthetics.Electronic applications such as cable encapsulation and gluing
- Transportation interiors
- Seat fixing - Assembly and fixing of moldings
- Assembly, fixing, repair, encapsulation, gluing of panels, fixing of cables, sealing, encapsulation.
Vinyl TapeUnlike paint solutions, marking tape installs quickly and can be easily removed and cleaned without damaging the corresponding surface. Easy to apply, the tape stretches around the corners for a reliable and airtight fit. The adhesive provides strong adhesion to most floors and excellent fastening power. The conformable support makes vinyl tape ideal for use on curved and uneven surfaces.Lane and safety signaling
- Marking of equipment or gear crossing points for warning purposes
- Color coding of pipes, tools, instruments, etc.
- Protect parts, equipment, or products from abrasion
- To tape, wrap or seal many curved or convex surfaces
- Mark the floor in areas of high traffic (pallet: and heavy equipment)
- General purpose fastening and packaging
- Marking of parts or machines
- Lane Marking and Safety Applications
- Helps identify danger zones
Specialty Single Coated TapesNo matter what your taping situation is, there is a 3M special tape that will help you to carry out, reflect, protect, seal, mark, silence and much more. Whatever your application, 3M can meet your needs with a tape to do the job well.3M aluminum foil tape 425 can withstand a variety of moisture, weathering, UV rays, and solvents to provide excellent working life, indoors or outdoors
- Thanks to its exceptional heat resistance and low moisture absorption, 3M glass fabric tape 361 has a wide operating range and also performs in humid environments with intermittent temperatures
• 3M™ UHMW-PE 5423 film tape is often used in general industrial applications to help control squeaks and rackets due to vibration or wear of metal and plastic materials.
Filament High Strength TapesBidirectional fiberglass reinforced tape provides cut and tear resistance in the machine direction and in the transverse direction.Bidirectional fiberglass reinforced tape provides cut and tear resistance in the machine direction and in the transverse direction.
- Agrupación de productos de gran peso
- Plegado y empaquetado de bobinas metálicas
- Cierres en L y en U
- Unificación de pallets, empaquetado para el envío y manipulación
Cloth, Duct and Extreme Sealing TapesBuilt to glue. Whether its surface is smooth and refined, or rough and rugged; whether your job is one hour or a year, 3M's portfolio of maintenance, repair and sealing tapes meets industrial demands for sealing, repairing, grouping, coding, or fastening in heavy or non-critical applications.Extreme sealing tapes
- They protect and seal with confidence: they adhere to contact with many metals and plastics without drying, dripping, oozing, and cleaning time.
Duct and fabric tapes
- Instant high adhesion: adheres immediately and is reliably maintained
- It provides a tight and moisture-resistant seal in many containment situations.
Masking TapesThe tape resists solvents and moisture and is not transferred, it is also suitable for use with water-based paint systems.
Excellent UV-ray resistance for long-term indoor and outdoor use for up to 6 weeks.
Outdoor painting and varnishing work
- Paint masking applications in the construction market
- Painting in the metal construction market especially on delicate surfaces
- Masking for gasket sealing applications
- General purpose industrial paint masking
- Air and furnace drying of paints and lacquers.
Box Sealing TapesTapes that keep production lines with fewer interruptions and ensure packages are sealed upon arrival.
Once applied, the product performs well throughout all the temperatures that packaged products are usually subjected to in shipping and storage environments.
Sealing of lightweight boxes
- Sealing of medium and heavy weight boxes
- Closing cardboard boxes with a single strip
- Sealing of boxes with high content of recycled material
- Sealing by heat shrinkage and packaging of lightweight packages

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