Our Company

100% Mexican company

We are a 100% Mexican company dedicated to the manufacture and transformation of polyurethane foam with expertise in the field since 1992

Committed to the environment

We respect the environment by processing the foam cutting to the extent possible, resulting in minimal waste.

Quality in our processes

Our processes adhere to the requirements and demands of customers such as the pharmaceutical, automotive, baby products industry, among others.


Make, market, transform and sell acoustic and fixing products for the industry, with the best quality standards, delivery on time and customer satisfaction.


In 2030 IES will be a company with a national and international presence, which will seek to comply with international standards with the optimization of resources and with a sense of high negotiation and profits.

Our Values

Make things happen
  • Do what you said that you would do and when you promised.
  • If it can be done in the moment, do it.
  • The best / the fastest / the simplest
Treat others with respect and trust
  • Don’t be arrogant
  • Be sincere
  • Always be respectful
  • Really, listen to people
Promote a fun work environment
  • Taking care of
  • Have a good work-family balance
  • Compassion for others
  • Help the others
  • Acknowledge

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